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Recent Club Facilities Improvements
In a note that appeared on the website of the Friends of NRA, PLSC member Dave Caspary wrote about some of the improvements that were made on the club range in 2014 and 2015. Dave has given permission for his note to be presented here also.


Portage Lake Rifle Range Safety and Accessibility Improvements

David Caspary

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A $24,600 facilities improvement project will enhance the safety of the rifle ranges and remove barriers to our mobility-challenged shooters at the Portage Lake Sportsmen's Club. The project costs were supplemented by an $11,500 NRA Foundation grant and will bring the rifle range into compliance with NRA Range Sourcebook recommended design.

As the project nears completion, all comments have been positive and supportive. A side beneficiary to the project was a local charity called Little Brothers - Friends of the Elderly. Trees removed from the site were cut into firewood and donated to the elderly for home heating. Additionally, as a result of the improvements, the PLSC board of directors was recently contacted by the Michigan Tech University Police Services for arranging a training and qualification session for their officers later this summer.

After the announcement from the NRA Foundation that the Range Safety and Accessibility Improvement project was going to be funded, the PLSC board of directors decided to expand the project to include impact berm safety improvements and accessibility to all areas of the rifle range. The NRA Foundation funds were used along with Portage Lake Sportsmen Club funds not only to add a new 50 yard berm and raise the 100 yd berm height, but also to increase the berm height at 200 yds, 300 yds, and 400 yds.
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The Portage Lake Sportsmen's Club ( is located just outside Chassell in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. The purpose of the club is to foster good sportsmanship, to support sound conservation practices consistent with proper wildlife management, to provide firearm and hunter safety instruction to the general public, to defend the right of private ownership of firearms, and to promote responsible legislation. Regularly scheduled activities include IDPA-sanctioned pistol, 5-Stand shotgun, rifle marksmanship, Annual 3-Gun competitions and practice.

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