PLS logo 18854E Chassell-Painesdale Road
PO Box 56
Chassell, MI 49916

Location of the Portage Lake Sportsmen's Club
The club property is located at 18854E Chassell-Painesdale Road, about 3½ miles west of the small town of Chassell.

Decimal degree coordinates are 47.025381, -88.597903

Simple driving instructions: Take US Highway 41 to Chassell. If you are coming from Houghton, in Chassell turn right onto the Chassell-Painesdale Road at the blinking traffic lights. (Turn left if you are coming from Baraga.) Go about 3.5 miles on the Chassell-Painesdale Road to the club grounds.
(See map below.)

There is an overhead pair of blinking traffic lights at the intersection of US Highway 41 and Chassell-Painesdale Road. They are the only traffic lights in Chassell.

Turn right at the light if you're traveling south away from Houghton. Turn left if you're traveling north toward Houghton.

Unfortunately, maps and street signs sometimes have different names for the same roads, so it's easy to get confused if you try to rely on road and street names to get to the club property.

The Chassell-Painesdale Road is also called Fifth Street in the town of Chassell. To confuse things further, on some maps the Chassell-Painesdale Road is designated as County Road 540.

In the town of Chassell, US Highway 41 is called Willson Memorial Drive.

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Besides going through Chassell, there are many other ways to get to the club property. If you are not familiar with local roads, here's a Google Map of the area ( LINK ) that may be helpful.


A large yellow sign identifying the club property is located at the side of the Chassell-Painesdale Road in front of the club grounds.


Just to the west of the sign is the driveway and entrance gate to the club property. The image above shows how the entry appears during nice weather. In the winter months, piles of plowed and drifted snow may completely hide the entrance.

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