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Revised 15 March, 2018

(These rules are available as a PDF document for ease in printing.)

All members must read, understand, and agree to abide by the rules below. Each member must also complete a range walk through with a qualified club member once every three years. The club secretary will not issue membership credentials until the member completes the membership/renewal application and fulfills the range walk through requirement.

The Portage Lake Sportsmen Club is a non-profit organization run by volunteers. Members are responsible for themselves, their families, and any guests they bring to the club property. Parents or guardians are responsible for the conduct of minors.

The club property is available to members all year round from sunrise to sunset. Exceptions to this are during scheduled weekly events and special events which utilize club property. It is each member’s responsibility to clean up after themselves. The club is located on 80 acres, has three ponds, one walking archery course, one stationary archery range, a horseshoe-shaped 50 yard pistol range, a covered rifle and pistol range to 400 yards, a trap field, a 5-Stand shotgun course, a pavilion, and club house. Grills are provided for member use and can be found under the pavilion.

The membership year for regular, student, and senior members runs from May 1st through the following April 30th. Members will receive the combination to the front gate. This combination will also open the back door of the club house for access to the restroom when the clubhouse is not winterized.

The gate will be disabled during portions of the year when the driveway is impassable. To enable access for emergency response, the gate shall remain open while a member is present at the range. The gate is to be locked again when the last member leaves. Do not under any circumstances leave the lock set to the current combination of the gate. Close and lock the clubhouse door before you leave the property.

The club facilities require constant upkeep. Every member is encouraged to lend a hand and is incentivized to help with work bees and club sponsored events. This might include grass mowing, repairing target boards, other maintenance, or helping at club-sponsored events. If you would like to volunteer to help, please contact a board member.

The following rules are provided: to protect your safety and the safety of others; to protect PLSI’s property and the property rights of our neighbors; and, to preserve the club for future generations.

  • No person shall be under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs when handling or using a firearm. No person shall handle or use a firearm while under the influence of prescription drugs which affect motor skills or judgment.
  • Only members and their supervised guests may use club facilities outside of official events open to the public. Guest privileges are extended to persons for their first visit. Club membership is required thereafter.
  • Pets must be kept under control at all times.
  • Pets are not allowed on active ranges.
  • Pet owners are required to clean up after their animals if they deposit stools in areas of foot traffic.
  • Groups using the club facilities are required to clean up and secure the property after their event.
  • Shooters and spectators are encouraged to wear ear and eye protection.
  • Rule infractions are to be reported to range or club officers or Board members.
  • The driveway speed limit is 15mph. Do not drive in damp or soft areas. Park only in the areas provided.
  • No hunting, trapping, or fishing on club property.
  • Do not litter. Take your non-burnable trash with you. Paper, wood, and cardboard may be placed in the burning barrels provided. Pick up your empty shells, including .22 casings, and deposit them in the containers provided. Returnable cans and bottles may be deposited in the barrel provided.
  • All shooting at the club property will be done only on the provided shooting ranges and in a manner defined by these rules.
  • Always keep firearms pointed in a safe direction.
  • Always keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot.
  • Always keep firearms unloaded and actions open until ready to shoot.
  • Treat all firearms as if they are loaded. Do not leave a loaded firearm unattended.
  • All firearms shall remain holstered or cased until at the specific shooting range where they will be used. It is specifically prohibited to remove an uncased firearm from a vehicle and move around the facilities. At the shotgun ranges, racks are provided for safe storage of shotguns.
  • All firearms shall be pointed down range when in shooting position. Firearms shall be carried with the muzzle pointing up when transiting to a different shooting position. Break action firearms may be transited with the muzzle pointing down and the action open.
  • When a shooting range is declared “Range Safe”:
    • You may load or unload magazines. YOU MAY NOT LOAD OR UNLOAD ANY FIREARM.
    • You may place or replace targets down range.
  • When a shooting range is declared “Range Hot”:
    • You may case or uncase a firearm.
    • You may load or unload a firearm.
    • You may discharge a firearm at an approved target down range.
  • If an unsafe condition is observed, anyone may and should declare “Cease Fire” or “Stop”:
    • Stop shooting immediately.
    • “Safe” and bench your firearm.
    • Wait for the unsafe condition to be resolved and the range to be declared “Range Hot” before handling or discharging firearms.
  • When there are two or more people utilizing a shooting range, it is the responsibility of all parties present to coordinate "Range Safe" and "Range Hot" status. During special scheduled events, this responsibility will be handled by a designated Range Safety Officer. If you are the only shooter present on a shooting range, it is your responsibility to conduct yourself in a safe manner.
  • You are legally responsible for any damage on or off the range caused by a bullet you discharged.
  • If any incident occurs on a shooting range, including accidental discharge or accidental impact of club facilities, it is required that an Officer or Board member be notified.
  • If there are shooters on the Shotgun ranges while you are on the rifle range, “Range Safe” and “Range Hot” status must be coordinated between the two ranges.
  • All bullets fired must impact the target berms, not the ground between the shooter and the berm. Where steel targets are provided, it is permissible to shoot the impact area of those steel targets. DO NOT shoot at target stand supports, including uprights, chains, bolts, or anything painted orange (for example, the target board outer frame area).
  • Only paper or cardboard targets placed on provided target boards are permissible to shoot. Do not shoot beverage containers, appliances, books, club structures, range props, or any other items.
  • Do not shoot distances beyond your ability, start at 100 yds and work up gradually, making adjustments as required.
  • Permanent target boards are provided at the 50, 100, 200, 300, and 400 yard berms. Sand bags and paper targets are available on the shelves on the east (to the right when looking downrange). Please return sandbags to shelves prior to leaving the range.
  • Movable targets MUST be placed so all shots will impact the berm. This means no targets close to ground level and do not place targets close to the edge of berms or where shots going through a target will impact the ground before striking the berm. NOTE: Movable target boards are provided for use in stand locations at 25 and 50 yards on the rifle/pistol range. These target boards are hung under the covered firing line.
  • NO PRIVATELY-OWNED STEEL TARGETS ARE PERMITTED. NOTE: Steel silhouette targets are provided on the rifle range and may be engaged from the covered shooting line.
  • Do not fire .50 BMG or any caliber armor piercing or steel core rounds at steel targets. Examples - M855, 62 grain green tip and most Eastern European manufactured military surplus ammo.
  • All members are responsible for policing their own brass. Take it home with you or place it the white plastic barrels provided.
  • Only paper or cardboard targets placed on provided target boards are permissible to shoot. Do not shoot beverage containers, appliances, books, club structures, range props, or any other items.
  • This 50 yard range may be used for pistol or rifle shooting.
  • Steel plates in this range may be used only with access granted by the board or range coordinator.
  • No shooting towards the side walls of the pit. Targets must be placed so that bullets impact the rear berm only.
  • A safety area has been established to the southwest of the “horseshoe”. Ammunition is not allowed in this safety area. Unloaded firearms may be cased and uncased and holstered in this safety area.
  • Where steel targets are provided, it is permissible to shoot the impact area of those steel targets. It is not permissible to shoot at target stand supports, including uprights, chains, and bolts.
  • If there are shooters on the Rifle range, “Range Safe” and “Range Hot” status must be coordinated between the two ranges.
  • All range commands must be obeyed.
  • All firearms must be cased between your vehicle and the range.
  • Anyone seeing an unsafe situation should shout “cease fire”.
  • Eye and ear protection strongly suggested.
  • Shotguns only!
  • Do not handle shotgun unless you are the shooter.
  • Shooters shall only shoot from provided shooting positions.
  • Load shotgun only when standing in the shooting platform, immediately prior to shooting… two shells max at a time.
  • Shotguns must be unloaded before leaving the shooting station. Double barreled shotguns guns broken open and pumps/semi-autos with the action open, pointed straight up.
  • Do not use shot larger than 7-1/2. (Do not use 6, 4, 2, BB, T, buckshot, etc.).
  • Pick up shotshell hulls (save for reloading or dispose in barrels provided).
  • No hand throwing of clay birds is permitted.
  • All shotguns must be stored in the racks provided when not in use on the range.
  • If there are shooters on the Rifle range, “Range Safe” and “Range Hot” status must be coordinated between the two ranges.
  • No users under the age of 16 without close adult supervision.
  • Shoot from shooting platforms 1 and 2 ONLY- No other location.
  • Bring your own clay pigeons! Do not pick up any unshot clay pigeons in the field.
  • You should never need to go down range from the shotgun firing line, but, if you do, you must coordinate with shooters, if any, on the rifle range.
  • Thrower requires an operator. Shooter will “call” for target release. Always keep your finger off the trigger until ready to “call” for a target.
  • Pick up shotshell hulls (and save for reloading or dispose in barrels provided by the shooting platforms).
  • Caution! Be very careful cocking the thrower. Never place your hands (or any other part of your body) within the area of travel of the thrower arm.
  • Never cock or release the thrower arm when anyone is standing downrange or within the swing of the thrower arm.
  • Remove the padlock using the membership combination.
  • Relock the Clay Thrower when you are finished shooting.
  • NOTE: Instructions for using the membership clays thrower are posted on the frame of the thrower platform.
  • All arrows must impact the provided targets or the provided back stops.
Any violation of the above rules is cause for dismissal from the Portage Lake Sportsmen. Legal action may also be pursued if deemed appropriate.

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