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Upcoming & Regular Events
(See bottom of page for link to events of the recent past.)

  • PLSC Concealed Pistol License Class (MCRGO)
    • Date: 7 August 2021, Saturday
    • Time: 8:30 AM - 6:00 PM
    • Location: PLSC Clubhouse and 50-yard rifle range (Link to Location Page)
    • Licensed under MCRGO (Link to
    • Bring:Handgun and ammunition
      • A gun you are FAMILIAR with and can shoot well, ideally a mid-sized or full sized automatic or revolver - avoid sub/ultra-compact pistols. A .22 target pistol is also a viable option.
      • 60 rounds of quality ammunition.
      • Eye and ear protection, a sack lunch, a notebook, and a pen.
    • Cost: $125, cash or check
    • Headcount: Course is limited to 16 students
    • Drinks: Good coffee and pop are provided.
    • Weather: In event of rain, snow, etc., bring outdoor shoes, raingear, and hat.
    • View the detailed CPL Course Announcement (pdf document).
    • Email sign up:
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     >Notice: The class will have exclusive use of the 50-yard Range from 3-5:30 PM.

  • Range Familiarization & Safety Sessions
        Attendance at a Range Familiarization & Safety Session is required for all new applicants for membership, and at least once every three years for all renewing annual members and for life members. A membership card and gate lock combination will be issued only after timely completion of a session.
        Some sessions may be listed on the Club Calendar. If an individual cannot attend a scheduled session, convenient times may usually be arranged by contacting the Club Secretary. (Club contact information).

Regular Events
  • Twice-Weekly Shotgun Five-Stand Shooting
    The five-stand shooting facility is accessible and functional for the 2021 summer season.
    The regular summer schedule for 5-Stand shotgun:
        6:00 PM Wednesdays
        1:00 PM Sundays
    Location: 5-Stand Facility at PLSC grounds.
    Cost: $5 per round of 25 clay targets. There is a surcharge for non-members.
    For information contact John DePuydt.(Club contact information page ). Also review the Clay Range Rules included in the list of PLSC Range Rules.
    Activities will be discontinued about mid-September.

  • Weekly Practical Pistol Shooting (IDPA)
    The regular summer schedule is in effect for the weekly sessions of practical pistol shooting:
    • Time: 6:30 PM Tuesdays
    • Location: Pistol pit or 50-yard portion of the rifle range, depending on range conditions.
    • Cost: $2.50 per session. There is a surcharge for non-members.
    • Guidelines for users of the pistol pit facility are included in the list of PLSC Range Rules.
    • For information contact Scott Gruenberg. (Club contact information page
    The regular practice sessions are usually discontinued in September. They resume in the spring soon after the club ranges are accessible and usable.

PLSC Events of the Recent Past

In addition to the activities scheduled above, the Portage Lake Sportsmen's Club has organized and sponsored a variety of activities throughout the year during the last few months. The list of activities on the linked page is provided as information for members, prospective members, and others interested in PLSC activities.
Link to List

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