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Upcoming Events

  • 30 April 2017, Sunday
    End of 2016-17 PLSC annual membership year - Details on Events Page.

  • 1 May 2017, Monday
    Start of 2017-18 PLSC annual membership year - Details on Events Page.

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Regular Weekly Events

The regular weekly seesions of Practical Pistol Shooting (IDPA) at the club ranges have been suspended for the season, and will move to another range.

The regular twice-weekly Shotgun Five-stand Shooting has been suspended. Shooting will resume next spring.

PLSC Announcements

Range Access
The lock on the gate that controls vehicle access is currently set for the combination for the 2016-17 membership year.   That combination is on the 2016-17 membership card.
  February 2017 update:  The driveway is pretty well blocked by drifts and piles of snow. Joe Tormala plowed it open in December. (Thanks, Joe!) Heavy snowfalls have made impossible any further plowing attempts. Members are welcome to enter the club grounds on foot or with snowshoes, skis, etc.
  On May 1, 2017, the starting date of annual PLSC memberships, the gate lock combination is scheduled to be changed. The new combnation as usual will be printed on the membership card furnished to new and renewing members of the club.
 Spring 2017: During spring snow melt the surface of club driveway becomes soft, and any vehicle traffic may destroy the roadbed. The combination of the lock on the access gate will be changed temporarily when the drive is soft. When the drive becomes usable, the combination will revert to the number given to club members.

If you are not a club member and wish to join, see the Membership Page. If you were a member last year and did not receive information about renewing your membership, you should contact the club secretary, (Club contact information.)

Portage Lake Sportsmen's Club on Facebook
A Facebook page has now been set up for the club. Here's a link to the page:
  Please contact the Club Secretary with suggestions and constructive comments: (Club contact information).

Range Familiarization & Safety Sessions
All club members (annual, student, life, senior) are required to attend a Range Familiarization & Safety Session at least once every three years. A membership card and gate lock combination will not be issued until timely completion of a session.
  Range Familiarization & Safety Sessions may be listed on the Club Calendar. If you cannot attend a scheduled session, convenient times can ususally be arranged by contacting the Club Secretary. (Club contact information).

Driveway entrance to club grounds, Winter 2017

Six-foot pile of plowed snow in front of gate.
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Entrance gate behind snow pile,
viewed from top of pile.
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